Welcome to CELINA WORLD.

Let’s Accelerate your Online Sales!!

Welcome to CELINA WORLD.

Let’s Accelerate your Online Sales!!


Does your Brand or Store have a winning strategy for the fastest growing e-Comm Marketplaces?

  • We help you define your Online Retail Strategy based on your brand positioning and what you are trying to accomplish on the many marketplaces. Our experience comes from many years of managing our own profitable online storefronts, gaining insights and technical knowledge that we can apply to any products to jumpstart sales for new products and increase lifetime ROI.

  • Once defined, our team of experts will execute your strategy using industry leading analytical tools, expertise, and experience. We offers a turnkey solutions for your brand or store to make it easy for you to supercharge your online revenue.

  • We use the latest tools and software to track your brand’s online sales. This allows us to not only forecast more accurately, but we also share this data with our partners, hence increasing their supply chain visibility. We offer industry specific resources and expertise to develop your brand and products online.



Global Marketplaces


We offer to sell goods on the world's biggest marketplaces. 30+ channels and counting. Starting day one, you get access to all of our channels. We help you announce your brand with authority.

Logistics & Warehousing


Don't have logistics? We can do everything. From inventory management to order fulfillment, our processes and technology simplify your existing logistics. Better yet, we can become your logistics and warehouse provider. It's up to you.

Analytics & Marketing


Our vast experience has given us the analytical and technical knowledge needed to launch productive SKU's and exponentially increase ROI.

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